n. m.
1. 'Ace', top guy, expert. Un as de l'aviation: A crack pilot. Dans le monde des ordinateurs, c'est un as! He's the top wallah where computers are concerned!
2. (Waiters' slang): Table number one. (Calls such as 'Une choucroute à l'as!' answered by 'Ça roule!' can often be heard in restaurant kitchens in France.)
3. (pol.): Alibi. Il avait un carré d'as: He'd fixed himself up with four good alibis.
4. Aller à l'as (fig.): To 'come a cropper', to 'come unstuck', to suffer a setback (also: aller a dame).
5. Bouffer à l'as: To go hungry, to miss a meal, to go without food.
6. Passer à l'as:
  a To vanish into thin air, to disappear. Dès qu'il flaira lafailiite, il décida de passer à l'as: As soon as bankruptcy loomed, he did a moonlight.
  b Passer quelqu'un à l'as: To by-pass someone in a share-out.
  c Passer quelque chose à l'as: To 'pinch', to filch, to spirit something away.
7. Veiller à l'as: To 'keep one's eyes peeled', to keep a sharp look-out.
8. Etre plein aux as: To be 'rolling in it', to be extremely wealthy.
9. As de pique:
  a Nonentity, highly forgettable person.
  b 'Parson's nose' (that part of a fowl indeed looks like an ace of spades upside down).
  c Arse-hole, anal sphincter.
  d Etre fichu (also: foutu) comme l'as de pique (of person): To be dressed like a guy, to be as scruffy as they come. (of job): To be bungled, to be badly executed.

Dictionary of Modern Colloquial French. 2013.


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